What is … Custom Sound?


We take our time to listen carefully to our customers, we analyze and create ideas based on the input we get.

With this information we design a complete amp, a power amp or a pre-amp individually for the customer, or we modify existing amps to be more suitable to the player.

This is the goal: custom amp for our customer, with the tone you like.

It is not important if it is a reproduction of an old sound or a totally new design. It is up to you.

Do not rely on mass products, custom sound is the way.

We are working with selected partners and we are able to deliver a perfect service even for your guitar…. get customized …

get your sound


Due to our intensive collaboration with great guitarists, we felt proud to be asked for special, custom amps. These amps should follow your sound, your idea inside your head for tone.

These requirements can be fulfilled with our knowledge and exertise within the CASTCustom Sound research program.

We will build an ampliofier with YOUR tone, with YOUR design ideas or with YOUR functionalities.

Barely everything is possible.

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