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Hobsons Choice -

tomborn“Searching for the ultimate tone, your tone is one of the things we started a long time ago and repeat this nearly every week

Thomas (Thomas of CAST Amplification) and myself have been part of a musical week in the nice area of the toscana in Italy together with Thomas Blug, THE master of guitar tone.

We shared the same interest and love for guitar tone and discussed the difficulties to get what we want from the standard mass product

For me, with my special usage of an old Gibson ES-345 & ES-355 it was even more difficult to get a good tone.

Gibson´s 345 and 355er are special guitars which deliver a wide variety of tone from Clean Jazz to heavy blues rock and are my ideal instrument.

Clear and tight distortion sounds are my request, but are difficult to achieve with these guitars, as they have a high amount of bass and mids in their tone and drive a lot of amps to a muddy, unwanted sound.

The classical Les Paul or Stratocaster moidels seem to be easier to handle.en Bass- und Mittenanteile nicht so einfach umzusetzen im Vergleich zu Les Paul und Stratocastor Modellen.

<p”>CAST Amplification build my “Custom Bedroom Amp ” and they hit my target totally.The amp is a beauty in look and sound and is ideal for small clubs or even mid-size events. The case was made by the great wood guy and great bass player Guido Bonekamp. Due to this perfect work, Thomas from CAST Amplification and i are now working on a 3 channel amp, made for the ES-355. Top sound for all channels, reverb and some features shall be made. Boutique shops stay tuned 🙂

CAST – handcrafted with soul.”

Tom Born, guitarist of Hobsons Choice

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