Elmar Spadaro

Cobra Jim

elmarI received for an acceptable amount of money an old Marshall JCM 800 (2203 Re-Issue). The amp does not deliver the sound i need and i would like have.

The bass sound was not tight enough and the amp was missing the clarity i knew from other models.

I tested different kind of preamp – and power amp combinations, i adjusted hours and hours the tone control, without any improvement.

With this type of amp, the tonecontrol is not that effective.

So i asked the guys from CAST amplification to imrpove the sound of this amp to be more like the tone of my favourite band “Airborne”.

Stone from CAST Amplification took the amp for a week and delivered me a new (old) amplifier.

The improvements he put into my amp boosted the tone and the flexibility towards the airbourne sound i like.

I am totally happy with my improved 2203 and i will never sell him 🙂 Thanks a lot for this great work.


Elmar Spadaro, Guitarisst of Cobra Jim


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