Ali Claudi

Boogie Woogie Company

ali_claudi“[…]I know Thomas of CAST Amplification since several years and i tested some of his special run amps. He is an excellent amp builder who is able to “listen” to the customer. Our requirements talk was finished after 15 minutes.

I play guitar since 50 years with full tube amplifier. Thomas build a special amp for me, based on my requirements and tone samples. The amp should be light weighted but with a BIG tone.

The amp was tested during gigs with my loud band THE GROOVE and BOOGIE WOOGIE COMPANY and this little beast delivered MY tone at its best.

The tone of my jazz guitar was never be changed, the amp added power and clearness and follows my playing with a very high dynamic and accuracy.

I believe that this amp is all a jazz guitarist needs. Power on – plus the guitar in and feel comfortablehlfühlen.”

Ali Claudi, guitarist of  The Groove and Boogie Woogie Company, talking about the  “Ali Claudi Tweed”


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